My brother, Dale, mailed to me a photo album, to share.

Identified, if possible.

Five generations from Aunt Esther to Aaron


Todd and Aaron


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose.

Colleen and Todd with Aunt Esther


?? Scott informed me that this is Claire and Jack Murphy, Colleen’s parents.


Mom with her mother’s sister, Esther (Ellis???)

Post card from Jessica to Mom. No postage



     Alta     Lillian         Mom     Iris



                             Lillian              Iris               Mom

Convention grounds (Mountain Home??)


                                 ?????????????          Amber Koistenen(????)

Convention tents


           (Red and Bill’s) Gale’s son Ryan



                                         Betty Boyd           Mom             Ruth Berry

The five thousand dollar smile J

                                      Todd, Colleen, Mom




                Bud and George Plummer

Stewart and Doris McDonald and son Dennis


McDonalds with Uncle Bud


The McDonalds and Aunt Joy


                          Bud and Joy

Marlene and Steve Smith and boys




                       Jessica and Mom


                             Iris            Alta          Mom       Lillian


          Mom and her turkey








Dad, Mom, Iris and Jerry Ketchum







                            Mom and Jessica

























Ruth Berry-Jenny??




















This album was scanned in the order it was received. It was, most likely, put together by Irma Peterson.