Harold Peterson’s 8mm home movies 

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These are Harold Peterson’s 8mm home movies in the order they were converted to digital format. This is a detailed description of each film (to the best of my knowledge). On your PC, you may open two minimized windows, and have the description alongside of running video.  If you want to see a much less detailed list, go to www.petesmemories.com/8mm


This is a work in progress. I will upload my work at the end of each session. Please be patient. My memory ain’t what it used to be. I do have some help now that Cindy Delaney has taken an interest. She has created a Facebook group. Cindy is the daughter of Thomas Cutler. Already, she has provided information on the films which were taken in Newfoundland.


In the process of conversion, some sprocket holes were ripped out, and the video appears to freeze. I will note the location of these defects so that you can skip over them. The films were not properly stored, and the quality leaves much to be desired, but the memories are priceless.


Number 1-Nfld. Harmon High baseball game, 0:00-1:20, Cutler family from St Georges, 1:50-2:58, Scenery with Autumn colors, 2:58-4:13, family on back steps of our duplex on Georgia Loop, 4:13-5:15, rocky beach with Indian Head in background,  6:05-6:20, preparing salt cod, 6:20-6:25, two salmon I caught in “Main Gut”, 6:25-6:34, view of Indian Head from Main Gut, over the top of our lime green ’59 Plymouth station wagon, 6:34-6:58, Indian Head from the Base, 6:58-7:02, picnic with the Cutler family (Fred, Lydia, Sharon, and Tom) 7:15-7:42, Granny (my maternal grandmother) on back steps of our house, 7:42-8:21, view of base over rooftops, 8:21-8:35, scenery, 8:35-12:15, the hill where dad worked, 12:15-12:39, scenery around Main Gut, 12:39-16:49, two radar dishes back on the hill, 16:40-17:03, freeze frame from 17:03-17:43, view base over rooftops from our house, 17:43-17:58, Front of our house, 17:58-18:30, scenery from radar site, shows radar dishes, and fence around installation.18:30-19:34, scenery coming down the hill to 20:23, Camp 33, view of grand lake from motorboat, (complete with “finger over the lens” stunt J), kids in rowboats, catching trout in one of the many streams that run into the lake, 20:24-24:26, Our license plate, 24:26, our cabin at Camp 33, 24:28-24:50, panoramic view of Camp 33, 24:50-25:30, back on base, mom and Granny picking blueberries on “Hospital Hill”, looking down on hospital, panorama of base from hospital hill, 25:30-27:00, sign for grand lake, another view of Camp 33, the tour boat, waterfalls and lake scenery from tour boat, miniature zoo, 27:00 to end. Last 30 seconds frozen. (30:11 total)



Number 2-Iran, and side journeys. Tachikawa A.F.B. Japan-Anchorage, Alaska. Torrejon A.F.B. Spain. Asmara International Airport, formerly known as Yohannes IV International Airport (IATA: ASM, ICAO: HHAS), is the international airport of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, east Africa. (22:30) last two minutes in Tehran.



Number 3-Iran, and side journeys. (21:51)-Around Tehran-Azadi tower under scaffolds-last three minutes Athens, Greece.



Number 4-mixed-0:10,Todd’s first steps, 0:47, takin’ a bath, 1:07, Todd’s first birthday, 1:48, cake! Yummy! 2:28-2:42, long splice, 2:42, mom and Elsie, some river and mountain scenery (don’t know where?), 4:57, Snohomish, baby Todd, 5:16, Terry and Pam at dinner table, 6:13, Todd playing piano, 7:09, “SnowhomishJ, 9:32, uncle Dale playing with Todd, 9:45, baby Scott (R.I.P. 5-10-’69 to 7-11-’16), 9:56, Todd and Scott playing with grandpa’s cat, 11:24, beautiful fall colors, 11:42, sign for Picture Lake path,  (https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mbs/recarea/?recid=80237), long splice, 11:58-12:15,  12:15, more “Snowhomish”, 13:09, grandpa with grandkids on horseback, 14:20, Dale measuring snowfall, 14:43, Lothspeich (sp.) family, Chuck, Dorothy (second wife, first was Juanita), Jo Ann, and David, 15:26, younger Lothspeich boy (don’t remember name-youngest boy was Chuckie), don’t know baby girl, 15:40, Pam with her poodle, Tanya, San Bernardino, 15:57, Go fly a kite! Field behind our apartment in San Bdoo. 17:04, a look down Highland Ave. 17:08,  back in Snohomish, Dale on horseback with nephews, Todd and Scott, 19:13, neighbor kids on steps outside of our San Bdoo apartment. 20:20, Peterson family portrait, Terry (Pete), Pam, Todd, and Scott, 21:24, sign for Twin Oaks National Park, 24:07, Johnson family relatives in Snohomish, (don’t remember any names?) I recognize my aunt Ethyl Matthews, so it must be Wayne’s wife and children. 25:40, the apple tree fully loaded, 26:00, Darlene on horseback, 26:02, uncle Bud Johnson, 26:41, Todd, Scott, and Pam at grandpa’s house in Snohomish, 27:47, the cow, 28:05, grandpa’s tractor, 29:05, Ron Wiger’s wedding. 29:06  Darlene and Ron Wiger, Anna Marie joins them, 29:28, closeup of Christie Livingston, 29:29, David R. Wiger, and Lois Wiger, 29:42, Esther is in the pink dress, talking to Kathy R. (Evenhus) Wiger seated in the back seat -David's wife, Christie can be seen in the front seat of the green car. 29:52, David talking to Ron and Darlene, 30:03, Anna Marie and Lois, 30:09, Christie is looking at the camera, Esther is holding her elbow. this is in front of the house at 6132 S 124th St, Seattle, WA 98178. (34:08 total)


This was originally uploaded at https://youtu.be/yB5REIi0nhI   as IMG0033 but the quality is poor. This was my first attempt to convert 8mm movies to digital format. James Wiger described the video. This is in his own words:

To  pete@thepetersonranch.com  

Hello Pete,

   I'm James Allen Gerald Wiger, Born in Corvallis, OR 1981. James Allen is my first name. James is from Jim -Anna Marie (Hole) Wiger's husband. My father is David R. Wiger. Here's my breakdown of the video titled IMG 0033:


0:04 Darlene and Ron Wiger in the middle, I don't know who that is in the striped shirt to the left.

0:05 Is Jim Wiger waiting at the top of the steps with Christie (Wiger) Livingston.

0:08 Anna Marie joins them.

0:18 is a closeup of Christie Livingston

0:22 Is David R. Wiger, and Lois Wiger

0:31 Esther is in the pink dress, talking to Kathy R. (Evenhus) Wiger seated in the back seat -David's wife, mine and Christie L's mom.

0:34 Christie can be seen in the front seat of the green car.

0:38 David talking to Ron and Darlene

0:46 Anna Marie and Lois

0:58 Christie is looking at the camera, Esther is holding her elbow. this is in front of the house at 6132 S 124th St, Seattle, WA 98178


I'm at a loss regarding the boys with the horses. Lois had a horse when she was in college, but I'm sure this isn't the same.


(I deleted some personal information here. Pete)


Feel free to keep all of this for your personal records. I don't think the people I've named here want all of this public yet. Christie tagged myself and my parents on a facebook post with this video, so I'm sure my parents will see it soon. They will probably ID the cameraman if you don't have that already, and I'm sure they have more pictures of Anna Marie and Jim with David, Christie, and baby Emily



-James Allen

Number 5-Nfld. First minute is scenery from radar site, looking down over bay. Frank and Annie Major visiting the radar site in the winter, deep snow and treacherous gravel road, 0:00-3:39, horses and baby moose, Camp 33 (???), (Grand Lake), 3:39-4:30, brother, Dale on back porch,4:31-4:39, baby moose, dad on teeter totter, Camp 33, 4:30-5:23, railroad trestle at Main Gut under heavy snow, bay frozen over, 5:23-6:20, mom walking up Cutler Hill with Hewitt, Bay St. George frozen over, looking down Cutler Hill, the town of St Georges and surrounding area under heavy snow, 6:20-9:50, freeze frame, 9:50-10:00, warning sign for road up hill to radar site, winter on the hill. (Radar site), 10:00-12:32, back at house on base, deep snow, panorama of neighbors houses, 12:32-13:41, Peterson kids on couch, decorating Christmas tree, opening our presents (we all got ice skates), a meal at the dinner table, a look at the kitchen, my birthday cake, 13:41-17:12, Dinner with the family of one of the men my dad worked with, can’t remember names, and finally, mom, dad, brother, and sister on couch. 17:12 to end. (18:10 total) Christmas- Visit from Lanzas??? (18:10)



Number 6-Nfld. The hill in winter (’61), 0:00-0:29, some houses and scenery around Stephenville, freeze frame and long splice 1:16-1:35, continue the hill in winter. Six feet of snow, photographer from “Stars and Stripes” (2:53), wind driven snow and ice on everything, a look at the radar domes, the radar dishes (5:43), freeze frame and long splice, 6:00-6:26, landscape badly faded to 7:00, marshy tundra, color on the hillsides, autumn (?) colors in the trees, looking down on the train tracks (10:10), Anita’s aunt Hazel and Uncle Jack, and their dog, from Gilliams (11:09-11:21), town on hillside, don’t know name??? Harmon Hi soccer team 12:41, cheerleaders 13:27, scenery,14:06-15:15,  Anita’s family at base, Fred and Tom, Lydia, Sharon, Grace, and shy Anita, 15:15-15:57 school kids at beach, playing in water, jumping rope, having picnic, 15:57-17:08, rowing dory out to lobster pots, landing dory, Newfie kids, 17:15-18:15, horse pulling cart, 18:23, rowing dory, 18:35, kids on horseback at Camp 33, 18:35-19:43, driving into Cornerbrook for Hi School soccer game, School soccer team, Mr. Houston. The road home, scenery, potato harvest (21:38) long splice, 22:04 sunset, the neighbors (Mahaffees) Shala Mahaffee at 22:34, New Harmon High to end. (24:28)



Number 7- There is an annoying sound with this video. You may want to turn down volume! L

Dad’s tricky double exposure of trailer license plate, over trailer. 00:19-baby Gloria with cousin Janet Boone, Johnson family picnic at Blue Lake. Many Johnsons. Spring of 1954. Worried faces looking for lost Wayne.

4:38 Snow on trailer at Flagstaff during trip to Grand Canyon (1957).

6:00 1301 15th Street in Yuma Arizona, our ’53 Plymouth in driveway 6:13 dad and Gloria on front porch, 6:31 sister  Gloria on swing in back yard (note open desert!), 6:42 Gloria on rocking horse with mom watching, 6:52 birthday cake for Gloria. Dale supervising, Terry reading paper,

Early Newfoundland, 7:20 the Peterson kids on back porch of duplex, Autumn 1960 7:26 Gloria as Brownie (Campfire Girls?) 7:43 dinner guests. Don’t remember names. (Lanzas??) 8:32 the “beach”, 8:51 Indian Head, 10:16 looking over rooftops from our house, you can see the airfield and terminal, 10:49 mom walking on “beach”, ice in bay, 11:25 Dale’s birthday cake, Halloween décor, (his birthday is Oct. 16) 12:07 party guests coming down stairs, I see familiar faces, but don’t remember names, Clyde Mahaffee (?), John Young, our across the street neighbor, (we used to flood his yard in winter with water hose, to make ice “rink”, where we played hockey), Hopkins brothers, and there are others. You fellow “Harmonites” could help me with some of their names. (who is that at 13:00??) 13:43, Terry with guinea pig. 14:37, Dale with pet, 14:45, Gloria in “Brownie” uniform (Campfire girls?), 15:20, Gloria’s birthday party guests coming down stairs (her birthday is Nov. 25), don’t recognize anyone, except younger Mahaffee girl (15:42), 16:03 girls fishing for prizes, 16:36, doin’ the “hokey pokey”, 17:38, cake and ice cream, 18:10, opening gifts, 20:06 to end, group portrait. (20:33)



Number 8-(31:08) Winthrop, 3 fingered Jack’s, Christmas with Pam, Lothspeichs, Poway- Gram playing football with Todd and Scott, Wild animal park, Quartzite, Ariz.?? Uncle Bert?? Gen. Patton’s camp, USAA building in Texas, Alamo, Florida- People I don’t know. (Aunt Esther and uncle Leck????) Found name in mom’s book, Jean Johnson, Quartzite Az. Must be Bert’s wife.



Number 9-Florida, Deerfield Beach State Park, parade, Monroe County Courthouse, Dad at sign for Hwy. 1, Key West, Glass bottom boat, Kennedy Space Center, ICBM, Seaquarium. (Found address in mom’s book-Fred and Esther Ireland, 11932 Coral Place, Boca Raton, Florida)



Number 10-This video was compiled on a return trip to Newfoundland in the summer of 1976. My parents (Harold and Irma Peterson) traveled across the U.S. by pickup, towing a travel trailer. They made many stops to visit friends and relatives. Many of these stops may be seen on other videos. The first stop in this video is at Florida, Patrick AFB, a half dozen ICBMs at Kennedy Space Center, 1:28, Colonial St. Augustine, 1:53, oldest wooden schoolhouse in U.S., long splice 5:08-5:20, 8:13,U.S.Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA., 8:20, Pogo aircraft, (SEE  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_XFY_Pogo ), 9:55, on the road again,  10:05,people I don’t know (I believe this is my great aunt Esther Ellis/Ireland.) (I found address in mother’s address book), freeze frame and long splice, 10:16-10:50), 11:28, Trip to Nfld-Tidal bore, Peticodiak, 13:18, Frank and Annie Majors’ house in Heatherton, Annie Majors is the sister of Lydia Cutler, Anita’s mother. Tons of Cutlers. These are Newfoundlanders with whom we became very close friends in 1960. 14:05,Frank and Annies daughter, Neatha,marriedto Bob Cutler. (They had store in St. Georges.), 15:38, Mom with lobster that she canned, long splice, 15:40-15:56, 16:20, (mom canned 20 lbs. of lobsters in Mason jars, and brought them back to the states, where I was lucky enough to have some. It was delicious.) 16:33, More Cutlers, Peggy and Tina, children of Bob and Neatha, 16:52, Albert Cutler’s house, 17:02, the base, the school, 17:33, our house. (#447), 17:47, looking down on airfield, and control tower, 17:57, I think this is the hospital. 18:59, the terminal. I used to work in cafeteria as bus boy, and short order cook. 19:21, the iconic row of duplexes on the hill. As of 2017, they are still there! 19:41 to end, Labrador Linerboard, and gypsum plant. (21:08)



Number 11-Nfld. These were taken in the summer of 1976 on my parents’ return trip. This video features our dear Newfoundlander friends. My mother went to church with these people, and Anita Cutler/Hinks was my very first girlfriend! Sunset over Nfld. Cutlers, some church people, 1:14, BobAndNeatha’s son Frank and children, Peggy and Tina, 1:19, Bob Cutler, Neatha’s husband, 1:31, Lydia, 1:45 Jimmy, his wife Marion, 2:24, Jimmy’s son, Lester, 2:36, Jimmy’s son David,  3:16, Hinks store, Anita with Todd and Chad, pregnant with Natalie. 4:14, Kerry in doorway, 4:35, Kerry’s wife, Florence, 4:45, Arthur Cutler, 4:56, Teddy and Nina Swyers’ house, long splice and freeze frame, 5:00 to 5:27, 5:33, Nina Swyers with daughter, Janet, 6:04, kids, 6:07, Arthur Cutler, 6:11, Sarah, wife of Lloyd Cutler, 6:27, Tommy, Anita’s brother, 6:53, Marion, Tom’s wife, 7:17, baby Cindy, 7:23, Clyde Cutler, 8:15, looking back at Stephenville from St. Georges, 8:47, Jimmy Cutler’s sawmill. Jimmy, son Lester, and family working. 9:15, Dawson Cutler, 9:20, Beverly Strickland, 9:31, Sarah and Lloyd’s daughter, Corrine, 9:45, Fred and Lydia’s house (I spent many, many nights here), 9:52, looking back at Albert’s house. 9:56, uncle Bob and aunt Neatha’s pink house. They also had a store out by road. 10:00, Tommy’s daughter, Cindy, mother Marion in doorway, Tommy on roof, 10:09, Nolan Young, 11:04, girl is Janet Swyers, boys are (11:43) left to right, Derrick Brake’s son (don’t know name), Ruby O’reilly’s son (don’t know name), and Wade Swyers. 11:51, don’t know this girls name, 11:56, Janet Swyers, 12:02, Kathy Swyers,  12:10, Derrick Brake and wife Betty, 13:05 long.



Number 12-Gros Morne Natl. Pk. Lighthouse, people I don’t know, Frenchman’s Cove (?), convention at Albert’s, waterfront, St. Johns, Cape Spear park, most easterly point in north America. Blank from 28 minutes to 35 minutes. L



Number 13-Snohomish, boys on horseback, Grandma’s house in Oakland (1119 house number), PIDK (people I don’t know) in Snohomish, baby Todd with great-grandma Peterson 1975 flood in Snohomish, (see http://www.historylink.org/File/8504 ) Tibbits family, Park, Jim with baby, Granny’s house, everyone on front porch.



Number 14-1:31,William Carson (ferry?), return from Nfld. 1962. This is the ferry used to cross from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port au Basque, Newfoundland. (Anita tells me that the ferry sank in 1977 off Labrador coast. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_William_Carson ), 3:44, back on land, 6:51, Y in the road, sign for Brockville, east Ontario, 7:15, sign for 1000 Islands and Gananoque Ontario, 8:03, sign for Oshowa, Ontario, Canada, French Canada, sign for Toronto, Niagara Falls, welcome to Michigan, 14:22,friends of family, (relatives??), 15:25, Bismark, N.D. (18:32)



Number 15-Grand Canyon 1957



Number 16-Nfld. This video features scenery, and businesses around Stephenville ending around Hudson’s Bay Co. Stephenville. 13:46 total time.



Number 17-Sgt. Bluff-PIDK, Award ceremony for Dad, Badlands (Montana?), Bessie, Park, Pam, Me, Baby?? Wigers at very end.



Number 18-Nurse Gloria, Alaska, Salmon spawn.



Number 19-Park and Elsie’s Wedding.



Number 20-Nfld. 0:03, In this video, it shows Man-o-war Brook near Uncle Milton Cutler's fish shack. The child in red watching the fish being cleaned is Wayne Cutler. (Sarah and Lloyd Cutler's son) The man cleaning fish in the green raincoat and hat next to Wayne is Arthur Cutler. The child at 0:24 seconds in the black and purple is Brian Strickland. Next to Arthur, in the blue, who holds up the halibut at 0:58 seconds is Freddy Strickland. In the background walking to the left around 1:05 seconds is Frank Cutler (Tina and Peggy's brother) Arthur Cutler and Fred Strickland cleaning fish, children watching.1:18, Hewitt and Dinah Cutler, 1:24 (?not sure?) , 1:28, (?not sure?) next to Hewitt, 1:38, mom talking to Dinah, 1:48, Harvey Clarke and wife, Anita (my friend Anita was named after her), 1:54 Frank Majors, Fred Leroux, and wife, Alma, 2:08, Bride Gregory. (These are my mother’s church people gathered for an annual convention held at Albert’s property.) 4:26, Fred Cutler, Anitas father, 4:47, tents where church meetings are held, 5:12, Susan Warr just shared the info below. Interesting tidbit of info on the car in this photo.   check this out! https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:)

Susan said: That's my 1970 Austin America that I had sold to Tim Kryski who in turn sold it to Ted Swyer to get him through until his new Ford pickup got repaired after hitting a moose the first day with the new truck.5:17, motley crew L-R: Troy Rilea, Wade Swyer, Barry Brake, Melvin Sears, and Frank Cutler, Bob and Neatha’s son, 5:16 Troy Rilea, Wade Swyer, Barry Brake, Melvin Sears, Frank Cutler. 5:26, left to right, Hewitt Cutler, Annie Majors, Dinah, Hewitt’s wife, my mom, Irma Peterson, can’t see who is in background, and Frank Majors. 5:48, David Cutler (my best friend) and his wife, Linda, and 6:14, Travis, and 6:36, Teralee, 7:08, the house in Stony Point Ontario. 7:29, family portrait. 7:35, 8:33, 8:37, and 8:53, dad’s friends or relatives???? 11:06, squirrel on telephone wires, 11:42, faces are familiar, can’t remember names. 12:08, great uncle George (?) Ellis, granny’s brother. 12:13, Park Tibbits. (originally married to aunt Bessie, who died of breast cancer, then later, married my aunt Elsie) 12:34, grain elevator, some unfamiliar scenery, 14:36, don’t know this lady. 14:54 Old farmhouse may be “Johnson family farmhouse” in North Dakota??? Montana?? With Park and Elsie. Park in front of old farmhouse?? Last three minutes blank. L



Number 21-Park and Elsie’s honeymoon at the Empress Hotel in British Columbia.



Number22-Deer with fawn and buck, Park, Johnson’s musical get-together, flood in Snohomish.



Number 23-Bill and Grace’s house in Portland- Jo-Ann???



Number 24-Saguaro cactus, swimming in desert, a stream in Superstition Mountains in Yuma, PIDK, Dave and Madeline Sanasac, PIDK, George and Fran Lyon, and Erling Boe and friend in Snohomish.



Number 25-Snohomish snow, Dale and Jessica, snowman x 3, Elderly PIDK, Dave and Madeline Sanasac, Todd and Scott in Poway-PIDK (BT), and San Diego Wild Animal Park.



Number 26-Park, Johnsons, Dale with gun, Uncle (Ellis) George??? Elderly Ellis woman, Bill, Grace, Gale. Funeral???



Number 27-Battleship, Whale watching, shoreline, Gram and Scott (11 yrs.) PIDK



Number 28-Campgreound? Gram jogging, mouse, Dale at Snohomish, Baptism, Raspberries, Todd and Scott-Aug 1970, PIDK with grampa.



Number 29-Kids with cat, Iowa plates, PIDK (BT), Snohomish with Koistinins, Janet and Dave, Curt. Snow in Snohomish.



Number 30-Iris and Jerry Ketchum, PIDK with sturgeon, Funeral???? Todd and Scott (double exposure), Lothspeichs with Dorothy.



Number 31-Speed boat, PIDK, Nelson’s True Value Hardware store, Train, speedboat, Johnsons.



Number 32-Grace and Bill, feast at Granny’s, Ethel, Pete (Morris Johnson, Bill’s brother), Bud, Iris and Jerry Ketchum, Uncle Carl, Family photo, Todd and Scott (7 and 5 years??), Park and Elsie at Snohomish.



Number 33- Grace and Bill, Dad, Bessie?? Park, Roy, Bud, Jimmy- Dad and Dale- Granny’s yard, Granny’s table, Pregnant Diana, Darlene, Debbie, Pete (Morris) and Lillian.



Number 34-Russ Farnell’s wedding (Sharon).



Number 35-Mountain goats, Badlands????



Number 36-San Francisco, 3 mast schooner, Golden Gate Bridge, Bud and Joy at Alcatraz.



Number 37-Scenery, Theodore Roosevelt Park, west badlands of North Dakota, Park and Bessie Tibbits, Chateau Mores, Prairie dogs.



Number 38-1301 15th street, Yuma, Lothspeichs with Dorothy, Madeline Sanasac, sand dunes, Salton Sea, Pam and Scott, Scott with playmates outside at San Bernardino, Todd and Gram.



Number 39-Todd and Scott (5 and 3 yrs), Elsie, Jan and Dave Koistinin, kids?? Jan and Dave?? Hawks in cage, Dale on motorbike, Chuckie Lothspeich. Silo with Sioux painted on it. Don’t know location??



Number 40-PIDK (BT) Sioux City?? Dale-Antelope, Grace and Bill at Poker Lane (after 1979). Cheerleaders-Pop Warner. Todd, and some of Pop Warner game, Grampa holding yard marker.



Number 41-Load of hay at Snohomish, Russ Farnell with friend, lettuce (cabbage??) and potatoes, mom’s potato harvest, raspberries, Iris and Jerry, PIDK.



Number 42-Flood in Snohomish.

There was a disastrous flood in Snohomish in 1975. I suggest you look at this ((see http://www.historylink.org/File/8504 )) It explains. in detail, every aspect of the disaster.



Number 43-San Diego zoo- Ends in Yuma last minute.



Number 44-Elsie, Alta with boys in Snohomish, Bessie, Pam with boys (1972?) Horseback, PIDK, baby goat, Dale with baby goat.



Number 45-Sea World San Diego, orcas, seals, kids playing on snow, Seals playing music, San Diego shoreline, jetty where we used to fish, dolphins.



Number 46-Snohomish, horse with colt, our trailer, Glorias H.S. graduation, Christmas cactus, Todd at end. (5 yrs)



Number 47-Baby Scott, family at SeaTac, we are leaving for Iran, Pam and I.



Number 48-Reunion (Granny’s porch), Wigers, more Johnsons, Jerry and Iris’ trailer. (Ketchum)



Number 49-Wenatchee, apple blossom festival parade. Baby Scott?? Todd, Gloria with Scott, Wigers at Snohomish riding horseback, Elderly Boe ladies. (Christie and Martha)



Number 50-Back of Granny’s house, yard, Bill Grace, Elsie Flowers. (sign-Woodstock Blvd.) Bud with ??? FAMILY PHOTO, Park, Jim, and Linda. Tibbits family photo.



Number 51-Foster and Irene Farnell, Russ’ parents at Buchart Gardens in British Columbia.



Number 52-Todd Scott, Gram (Hacienda trailer park at end of Norton AFB in San Bdoo.) Swimming with gram-Small boy (Greg Kraus??) Ocean, seals, pelicans, cement boat, (out of focus)- Golden Gate Bridge. Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox, Pacific Coast Highway, near giant redwood forest.


In process (3-6-’17)

Number 53-Nov. ’72, farewell gathering with Cutler family. 0:20, Lloyd on left, Clyde on right. 0:26, Bob on left, Fred (Anita’s dad) on right. 0:35, Albert Cutler (Albert and Ella, brother and sister lived together in big house where church meetings were held.Albert was the “elder” of the church my mother attended.) Some kids, 0:37, Greg Cutler, Jessie in knit sweater, Lloyd and Sarah’s daughter, and Karen,  Lloyd’s daughter,0:45, my dear friend, Anita Cutler. 0:49, the two ladies to her right, aunt Ella on left, and Mildred Swyers on right. 0:52, Neatha on left, Lydia on right. 1:00, Mrs. Leroux on left, June Cutler, Jimmy and Marion’s daughter, and Jimmy Jr. on right, 1:03, aunt Mary standing on left, Mrs. Leroux seated on right. 1:07, beautiful, old, wood burning stove. 1:18 Irma Peterson, my mother. 1:33, my sister, Gloria in front of Anita. Two girls behind, Marilyn, Jimmy’s daughter and Kathleen, Lloyd’s daughter. 1:38, Jessie in knitted sweater. 1:42, two boys, Lester, Jimmy’s son in front and Greg, Clyde’s grandson behind. 1:45, Marilyn, Jimmy’s daughter in white scarf. 1:53, a very shy aunt Sarah, 2:08, Ruby Reilly on left and Marion in doorway. 2:24, top row, left to right, xx, Marion, Neatha, Sarah, and Ruby Reilly. Bottom row, Kathleen, Albert, Ella, and Lloyd. 2:31, Mrs. Leroux, elderly woman on end. 2:38, two women standing, aunt Mary on left, Mildred Swyers on right. Seated in front is Clyde, Mary’s husband. 2:45 Tommy holding cat 2:52, left to right, uncle Bob, Jessie, Fred, Anita’s dad, Anita, and Lydia, her mom. Down front, Greg, my dad, Harold Peterson, and Hewitt Cutler. 3:27, the elderly woman next to Albert is Ella. 3:31, my brother, Dale. 3:33, Lester. (Blank from 3:43 to end, 4:26). L



Number 54-Granny’s house, Jimmy Johnnie, Dale- Skiing at Sugar bowl-tow rope, Bill Grace, and Gale at Snohomish. Everett waterfront-log rafts for pulp mill. Robin eating worms.



Number 55-Hard start to film (first twenty seconds frozen) -Poway Pop Warner, Todd and Scott, Sacramento (Poker Lane) orange trees. PIDK Quartzite Az. (Uncle Bert??) PIDK-Back to sac, rabbit, pheasant-Bud, Joy, Jim picking oranges. Ships at Port of Stockton-Bud Joy at end.



Number 56-Agnes and Willard’s house in Oregon with Grandma Peterson-Snohomish PIDK (BT), Gloria on horseback with Scott. Apple Blossom Parade at end.



Number 57- Apple Blossom Parade



Number 58-Wigers-Pam and baby (Todd??) Very bad picture of waterfall and stream, don’t know where.